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Quick Tip: How to Add a New Account While Comparing to an Existing One

29 Feb

(reading time < 5 minutes)

Sage 300 allows you to open multiple copies of nearly every screen so you can open an existing account (or customer, item, vendor, order, etc.)  on one screen while entering a new account on another.

Multiple Copies1

To enable this feature right-click on the screen’s shortcut and choose Properties.

Multiple Copies2

Check the Start Multiple Copies checkbox then click OK.

Multiple Copies3

If that option is grayed out for you, ask your ADMIN to change your Administrative Services security permissions to enable the Customize Company Desktop right.  After that is done, log out of Sage 300 and log back in and you’ll be able to set the option for your shortcuts.

Multiple Copies4


Quick Tip: Truncated Descriptions

25 Feb

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can grow

During our Crystal Reports class yesterday the subject of “wrapping” text came up.  This is the ability for long text fields to automatically extend to multiple lines when needed.  Excel calls has a formatting option for “Wrap text”.  Crystal Reports’ option is “Can grow”.  It has the option to limit the number of lines of growth or to allow as many as are required to display the text.

Sometimes, I have turned this setting on for a field but it hasn’t appeared to do anything. If this happens for you, here is the fix:

Right-click on the field and choose Format Field.  Go to the Common tab.

  1. Re-type 0 (zero) in the maximum number of lines box.
  2. Change the Horizontal Alignment option to Justified.
  3. Click OK and save the report

can grow2

Quick Tip: Why Didn’t My Batch Post?

23 Feb

(reading time < 5 min)

Error during posting

Have you ever seen the “Error occurred during posting message?”

Sage 300 provides an easy way to find out why the batch didn’t post within every one of the Batch List object in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Below is my AR Invoice Batch List.  Batch 43 was the batch I posted that had the errors.  The entries that had errors rolled into batch 44.

AR Batch List

Off to the right in the batch list you will see two columns: Posting Sequence and No. of Errors.  You can double-click on these posting sequence number to view the Posting Journal report.  If there are errors in the batch that you attempted to post you can double-click on the number of errors to view the Posting Journal Errors report.

AR Batch List 2PJ Errors

In my case, the Fiscal Period is locked.  Once I have unlocked the period I will be able to post the new batch number 44.

PJ Errors2