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Quick Tip: Simple Screen Customization

27 Sep

(reading time < 5 min)

You are probably aware that Sage 300 grids can be modified user-by-user to size, reorder or hide fields.  Place the cursor between two column heading and left-mouse-click-and-drag to change the width (see below).


Click and drag on a column header to move it to a new location.

Right click on a column header to hide it (or to restore a hidden column or column ordering).


Sage 300 also allows for simple screen customization to remove fields outside of the grids that are not needed or that you want to hide from some users.  This must be done as the Sage ADMIN user.  On the screen you wish to change choose “Customize…” from the File menu.


Click the New button next to the Working Profile drop-down to create a profile.  Later we will assign users to this profile.  The customize screen shows the list of controls available on the screen.  Clear the checkbox next to the fields you wish to hide.


Fortunately, the process is interactive.  When you clear a checkbox the control will disappear on the screen in the background so you can see whether you have selected the desired field(s).  Unfortunately, there is currently not a way to keep a field visible but make it read-only.


Once you have made your selections, save the profile.  Note: if this is a new profile, all fields will reappear at this point because the ADMIN user is not assigned to the profile.  Now go to Administrative Services and start “Assign UI Profiles.”  Insert a Sage User ID and select the profile.  Log in as the assigned user and open the customized screen to see the changes.


Note:  Users can be assigned to more than one profile for different screens.  It is possible to have multiple profiles for the same screen.  Users can also be assigned to more than one profile for the same screen although this is not recommended as it can be confusing and the profiles can work to cancel each other.