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Customer Service Excellence Award

20 Aug

We want to share with you an exciting announcement: Based on our clients’ feedback to Sage North America about the services Infoman, Inc. has provided to them, Sage has honored Infoman with its Customer Service Excellence Award for 2011-2012!

This is a very high honor for us, especially in light of how Sage determines the award winner. The award is based solely on each Business Partner’s “net promoter score” as rated by their clients. If you’re not familiar with this evaluation system, it involves our clients’ rating of our services on a scale of 1 to 10. Only ratings of 9 and 10 increase a “net promoter score;” ratings of 7 and 8 have no effect on the score, and ratings of 1 to 6 reduce the score!

We recognize that we owe the award to our clients because the determination of the winner is based entirely on their feedback to Sage.

We appreciate every one of our clients, and we remain committed to their success. From all of us at Infoman, THANK YOU!