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Quick Tip: Truncated Descriptions

25 Feb

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can grow

During our Crystal Reports class yesterday the subject of “wrapping” text came up.  This is the ability for long text fields to automatically extend to multiple lines when needed.  Excel calls has a formatting option for “Wrap text”.  Crystal Reports’ option is “Can grow”.  It has the option to limit the number of lines of growth or to allow as many as are required to display the text.

Sometimes, I have turned this setting on for a field but it hasn’t appeared to do anything. If this happens for you, here is the fix:

Right-click on the field and choose Format Field.  Go to the Common tab.

  1. Re-type 0 (zero) in the maximum number of lines box.
  2. Change the Horizontal Alignment option to Justified.
  3. Click OK and save the report

can grow2