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Reprinting W-2 Forms in Sage 300 with Payroll 7.X

23 Sep

w-2 tax forms

The introduction of Sage Payroll 7.0 introduced a new type of reporting – one that Sage users had not experienced in the past.  The new reporting comes courtesy of Aatrix.

It is quite an adjustment for seasoned Sage users, but don’t let this ‘new’ reporting tool worry you – it is a great addition to Sage 300 (although you may not agree with me for another few years).

I was unable to find any good information on reprinting an employee W-2 form through Aatrix reporting when that particular year W-2 was not filed with Aatrix – I had even read in one place that it was not possible, but thankfully it is, and I am going to walk you through it in this post.

Let’s get started!


Open Sage 300, open the menu for US Payroll, select Payroll Government Reports, and then double click W-2 Tax Filing.


Enter the Payment Year – I used SAMINC sample data, so I can only re-print W-2’s from the year 2020.  Set the From/To Employee values, and click print.


Government forms are being updated constantly, so one of the big advantages to using Aatrix reports is that Aatrix can automatically update any reports that change at any time, so this form will almost always come up.  Please click ‘Automatic Update’.


Some validation does take place – I received a warning that I am trying to reprint year 2020 data on a year 2014 form.  This is important to note – Aatrix only supports a single form for the W-2, so no matter which year is reprinted, the year will always be displayed as 2014.  Aatrix does keep digital copies of previous years, but if you want to ‘roll back’ to an older form it must be done through Aatrix Support (there is a support cost for this type of work).  Please click ‘Continue’.


Since we are only re-printing previously filed W-2’s we can select ‘Test Drive’.  The mode is perfect for reprinting as nothing is saved, and nothing is electronically transmitted to Aatrix.  There is no cost to use ‘Test Drive’ and print your W-2’s.  Please click ‘Next’.


This is the sample company FEIN – your company setup must include this number, or you will be unable to proceed.  Please click ‘Next’.


The sample data was missing a phone number, which is a mandatory field.  If you are following along, and the phone number is blank, please fill it out now, and then click ‘Next’.


Leave the default option selected (I am filing for my company/employer), and then click ‘Next’.


Double check your State and Local Tax Items – this form will perform a format validation on the account numbers (e.g. it will not make sure that the number matches the company, but it will check to see if the number is in the right format).  If you are following along in the sample company then you will need to make some changes at this time.

  • The CA State Disability Insurance number needs 2 numeric digits added to it (I chose 11, but you can select any number).
  • The CA State Unemployment number needs 2 numeric digits added to it (I chose 11, but you can select any number).

Please click ‘Next’ when you are ready to proceed.


I am processing sample data, so I left the defaults of ‘No’, but these questions should be reviewed if printing a real W-2.  Please click ‘Next’ after reviewing the questions.


Please review these options.  The only necessary change to this form when using the sample data was setting the value for ‘Kind of Employer’.  Please click ‘Next’ after reviewing the questions.


Sage allows multiple companies to be setup under a single FEIN, so if you are reprinting a range of employees that spans multiple companies you will need to select ‘Yes’, but in most cases ‘No’ (the default) will be appropriate.  I am stepping through this re-print using the ‘No’ option, but please let me know in the comment section if you need to see an example using the ‘Yes’ path.  Please click ‘Next’.


More validation is run, and this notification indicates that only 15 employees will be displayed.  Please click ‘OK’.


Please click ‘OK’ to acknowledge we are in ‘Test Drive’ mode, and then review your data.  The sample data requires a couple of updates before proceeding, so if using the sample data please do the following:

  • Update Jennifer Elliott’s SSN so that it does not start with a 9
  • Scroll the first section over until you see ‘Box 13 Retirement Plan’ and check the box for all 15 of the sample employees.

Please click ‘Next Step’ when ready to proceed.


Click ‘Other Options’, and check the box for ‘Print my Employee W-2’s’ only, and then click ‘Next’ when ready to proceed.


A sales screen will be displayed, reminding you about all of the benefits of using Aatrix eFile service, but since we are not interested in that at this time, please click ‘Next’.


You choose any option you wish here, but for a reprint I would just select ‘No, do not include divider sheets’, and continue by clicking ‘Next’.


It *looks* like you might want to hit ‘Print’, but it is only a trick – please click ‘Next’ instead, and be amazed!


The moment has finally arrived – your W-2 form(s) are now on display; congratulations!  Click ‘Print Copy’, and then after you are satisfied with your print out click the red X in the top right corner to close the form.

Note: Aatrix only supports a single W-2 form at a time, and since I have 2014 loaded, that is what is going to print on each W-2 regardless of the year that the data is pulled from (e.g. a W-2 is reprinted for 2012 – it will still display 2014 even though the data will be from 2012).


A new dialog box will be displayed asking if you would like to cancel – please click ‘Yes’.


Please click the red X in the top right of the form to close it out.


The final step is to click close on our initial form – unless there are other years to reprint in which case you can return to the first screen shot for another run.

Thank you very much for your time – I hope you find this informative.  If you have any suggestions on how this post could be improved please do leave a comment below.